Ed Benedict Park - July 16, 2011

OPI's first project was a shovel-ready half-day restoration of two pitches at Portland's Ed Benedict Park on Saturday, July 16. For this inaugural project, volunteers came exclusively from OPI's partner organization, the 107 Independent Supporters Trust. The event was a great success. With help from volunteers and Portland Parks and Recreation, OPI

  • repaired the previously inoperable irrigation systems on two pitches
  • leveled, fertilized and seeded one rutted and bumpy pitch
  • restored the goal box areas on two pitches

Most notably, this work returned a pitch to service that was previously unplayable, literally making more fields available for Portlanders to enjoy the beautiful game.

Thanks again to 107ist, Portland Parks and Recreation and the Timbers Army for making the Ed Benedict Park project and OPI a reality. We look forward to repairing more of our City’s pitches with you, one at a time!

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