Operation Pitch Invasion 

Soccer for COMMUNITY × community through soccer

Build. Revitalize. Maintain.

OPI develops soccer fields and futsal courts in parks and schools so that kids of all ages have high-quality and safe playing surfaces to enjoy the beautiful game.

These projects strengthen communities by bringing people together over a shared project, a shared park, a shared fundraising goal, and a shared game. Our work brings places for play to under-served neighborhoods and supports after-school programming in schools and community centers. And our volunteer projects make park improvements that city budgets can't touch.

4 principles guide our work:

HEALTH: Create safe, attractive, quality surfaces to get kids active in soccer play
ACCESS: Fill "recreation deserts"areas under-served with athletic facilitieswith new play spaces
TALENT:  Create the next generation of American soccer players who grow up playing the sport every day right in their own neighborhoods
COMMUNITY: Give the new generation of American soccer fans opportunities to spread their love of the game to the grassroots level in their own towns

Nicole Barker Photography

Nicole Barker Photography


How we make an impact

OPI fulfills its mission in several ways:

Volunteer Work. The primary source of OPI's impact comes from our volunteers and work days at local parks. If there is a park or school in your area that could use some TLC, drop us a line with details. We use community feedback to help identify priorities. 


Capital Projects. OPI also targets underserved areas and underutilized spaces for new field development. See our capital projects portfolio for how OPI makes pitches out of unused lots and asphalt.  


Project Blacktop. OPI also works with schools to convert existing schoolyard blacktop into attractive, flexible surfaces for futsal. These quick, low-cost projects have a lasting positive impact while causing little-to-no disruption to the surrounding area.

News and Events...


We don't email often, but when we do, expect news about volunteer opportunities, upcoming projects, new partnerships, and things that you can do to support OPI.

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