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OPI's capital projects focus on transformation. Recently we've converted a barren lot to a fenced turf field and given new life to an abandoned piece of asphalt. We've developed a number of different project models to fit the unique needs, timelines, and budget constraints of each location. Bringing these projects to life isn't easy. It requires cooperation among parks users, landowners, sponsors, and volunteers. And help from people like you.

Have an idea for a project in your area? We'd love to hear about it. Fill out our Project Identification Form and we'll give it a look.  


Bless Field at New Columbia

In May 2014, OPI completed its biggest project to date: Bless Field - a 9,000 square foot artificial turf soccer field. Bless Field is in the heart of New Columbia, a neighborhood of  nearly 1,200 kids from 22 countries speaking more than 11 different languages, and has become a place where all of these kids can share the common language that is the beautiful game. Bless Field supports after-school programming at the Rosa Parks Elementary School and the Regence Boys & Girls Club, both nearby.

The $200,000 project was financed by a coalition of grants, corporate sponsors and individual donations. 


Bless Field was made possible by hundreds of supporters - each and every one vital to project completion. Key supporters included.

Portland Timbers
Providence Health & Services
Widmer Bros.
Portland Development Commission
LifeWise of Oregon
Factory North
Oregon Premier League
Knowledge Universe
105 Howitzers
The Duane Graf Family
Underdog Sports
Eleventy Ones
Pitch Invasion
and so many more...

Thank you for your support!



Project Identification Form

Finding the Next Field of Dreams

Fill out the form at with as much information as you can. The more information we have the better we'll be able to evaluate it for a potential project. Please note that this isn't an application. Rather, we are "crowd-sourcing" ideas and information to help us identify our next project. 

Thanks for your help!