Bringing the beautiful game to recess...

After succeeding in turning an unused patch of blacktop into a futsal court at Col. Summers Park, OPI created a new initiative to spread soccer into schoolyards alongside kickball, basketball, and hopscotch.  

In 2016, we built futsal courts on existing blacktop at three Portland-area schools:  Arleta, Astor, and Lent. They feature freshly patched and seal-coated asphalt, long-life court lines, and full size goals. 

As with Col. Summers, the projects run in the $6,000 range and serve as models for reviving unused asphalt in our area's parks and schools. Projects like this can be deployed quickly with achievable fundraising and can be done anywhere.

Know of an unused piece of blacktop in your area? Think it might make a great futsal court? Let us know.