OPI Work Day - Operation Marshall High


In cooperation with the Timbers Army and Portland Public Schools, OPI supporting repair efforts at two local high schools. These events are a little different than our usual park fix-ups, so be sure and check out the details below.

  • Who is this for? This event is initially reserved for members of the Timbers Army Football Club to help them satisfy their volunteer service requirements.
  • When is it? Sunday, June 2 from 9:00 to noon.
  • How long will it take? Plan on about 3 hours.
  • Where is it? Marshall High School is at 3905 SE 91st Ave (map)
  • How do I participate? Please sign up on this Eventbrite page (free). By volunteering, you also agree to OPI’s liability waiver.
  • What should I bring? In addition to dressing properly for the weather and bringing your own water bottle, we’ll need some people to bring some equipment. We’ll be trimming back some overgrown vines and bushes so if you have some hand branch trimmers/clippers, please bring them. Ideally, we’d also like to have one or two gas powered or cordless edge trimmers as well. We’ll also be prepping and painting the steel goals on site. We’ll be supplying paint and related supplies, but having one or two cordless orbital sanders to take some of the rust off before painting would make a big difference. If you can bring any of these heavier pieces of equipment, please email Scott Swearingen or your team manager and let them know what you can bring. We don’t want to end up with dozens of gas powered weed eaters.

Thanks so much for your help. If you can’t help out with this event, you might be able to help out with a similar event on June 8 at Franklin High School. Check here for details.