Build. Revitalize. Maintain.

OPI develops soccer fields and futsal courts in parks and schools so that kids of all ages have high-quality and safe playing surfaces to enjoy the beautiful game.

These projects strengthen communities by bringing people together over a shared project, a shared park, a shared fundraising goal, and a shared game. Our work brings places for play to under-served neighborhoods and supports after-school programming in schools and community centers. And our volunteer projects make park improvements that city budgets can't touch.

4 principles guide our work:

HEALTH: Create safe, attractive, quality surfaces to get kids active in soccer play
ACCESS: Fill "recreation deserts"areas under-served with athletic facilitieswith new play spaces
TALENT:  Create the next generation of American soccer players who grow up playing the sport every day right in their own neighborhoods
COMMUNITY: Give the new generation of American soccer fans opportunities to spread their love of the game to the grassroots level in their own towns

Nicole Barker Photography

Nicole Barker Photography